Mt Zion Community House

Community House

The Mt Zion Community House, previously called The District, was established to help people connect with God, and with others, in an encouraging environment. Whether you attend church or not, the Mt Zion Community House is a great place to relax with a coffee, a safe place to get help dealing with life’s issues, and a fun place to unwind. Our goal is to encourage people with the message that God is able to help in any situation. We accomplish this mission by providing free group counseling that is part of our Life Enrichment Program on a weekly basis! Topics covered include: Healing for Women, Life Controlling Emotions, Anger Resolution, Steps to Healthy Self-Worth and more! Additionally, we also provide opioid and substance abuse recovery through our Oasis Program.

Lastly, we have a Coffee Bar  where you can enjoy some great coffee or tea while lounging and watching sports on 6 TVs, and you have access to our free Wi-Fi & pool tables. Come hang out and talk with friends, do homework, read, surf the web, play board games or cards, or just relax! The Mt Zion Community House is located at 4005 S. Baldwin Rd. in Lake Orion. Check out the Mt Zion Community House Calendar for upcoming events or fill out our contact form if you have any questions. You can also reach the Mt Zion Community House at 248-393-5625.

Hours of Operation

Monday   5pm – 10pm

Tuesday   5pm – 10pm

Wednesday   Closed

Thursday   5pm – 10pm

Friday   Closed

Saturday   Closed (unless event scheduled)

Sunday   6pm – 9pm (young adult service)

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